About Me

Hi my name is Marie Knight I am a Holistic Therapist, NYR Organic and Magnetix consultant. Holistic therapies have always played a huge part in my life and have pulled me through some really difficult times. In 2006 I hit a very stressful period in my life and was experiencing Anxiety and panic attacks. I booked myself in for a few sessions with a local counsellor and soon discovered I wanted to change my career to help others.

The journey in building my career was very ambitious as I now had two young daughters and was still working at a local retail store. However with determination I gained my qualifications and in 2011 I started working weekends cleaning at a hospital, this gave me the opportunity to spend more time building the business during the week.

The business grew very quickly but working from my living room wasn’t ideal so my husband and I decided the best option was to create a Therapy room at the rear of our property. In 2014 my room was completed and I was able to leave the cleaning job and focus on being self-employed. At this time I was given the opportunity to visit care homes offering Therapeutic massage, something I have enjoyed ever since.

I faced many challenges during this time, being a mum and building a career was a major task, at times I would feel overwhelmed and exhausted and a few times experienced burn out. I truly feel believe installing Holistic Therapies and positive Affirmations it helped me overcome these difficult times as well as having a huge passion for well-being.

From strength to strength

Over the past few years my business has exceeded my expectations and has really grown beyond my dreams. I have performed hundreds of massages and feel privileged my clients enjoyed the experience and would recommend my services. My business is now split between working from home, at care homes and being Magnetix and NYR consultants. Of course my most important job is being a mum. x

Magnetix Jewellery

I always wanted to expand my business and in 2016 I was introduced to Magnetix Jewellery. Not only are the products beautifully made they also have health benefits. Many of my clients have now introduced Magnetix to their lives and have instantly had fantastic results, please see Testimonials. To view My Magnetix page please click on the link.

NYR Organic Consultant

I came across NYR Organic essential oils when I was training to become a Aromatherapist and became hooked on their products. My clients always comment on the rich aroma and being a NYR Organic Consultant means I can offer my clients the opportunity to test their natural range of products for personal and for use around the home. Please click on my NYR Organic link and this will take you to my NYR consultant’s page.

My Ethos My goal is to inspire people to enjoy life and live in the moment. At times we all experience stress which can have devastating effects with our mental and physical health. I truly believe investing in ones well-being is the key to success and happiness. I have added some information on Coping with stress and well-being tips under the home section of my webpage.

Thank you for visiting my site and best wishes to you!