Testimonials for massage

I have experienced the pleasure of massage therapy with Marie for 6 months provided in my workplace. I have come to realize the importance of a skilled therapeutic massage executed by a professional, trained individual. Beyond her professionalism, I find that Marie truly cares about each individual, their health, their circumstances - mind body and spirit. She is dedicated to her profession and it’s like taking a vacation from the stress of everyday life. Marie is able to use deep pressure on the areas that I need, and lighter pressure on other areas, I was surprised at how strong Marie’s hands are. I'm a completely satisfied patient. I usually do not make recommendation letters but I have had such outstanding treatment that I want to help others by telling them of my experience.


I suffer from tight, painful muscles due to back problems and have received regular massages from Marie. The regular massage has provided a definite improvement with my back pain and I would highly recommend her for anyone with back/shoulder/neck problems or anyone wanting a relaxing massage.


Just wanted to say what a difference having a regular massage has made to my general well-being. I suffer from Osteoarthritis and my joints and muscles are at times very painful. I had my right shoulder replaced 5 years ago and the operation, although gave me some pain relief, left me with very limited arm movement. Since having a regular massage the improvement has been wonderful and I can’t thank you enough. I would highly recommend anyone who suffers from stiff, achy joints to try massage.


Testimonials For Magnetix

After undergoing two operations to salvage my hip joints, Marie introduced me to the Magnetix Power Heart. I was still suffering from aches and pains, especially in cold weather and I was quite sceptical that it would be effective. Marie very kindly leant me one to try out and I can honestly say it has made a remarkable difference to the pain I was suffering. My aches and pains have been significantly reduced and I wear it constantly. I would urge anybody who has joint issues to invest in one, you won't regret it.


I have a desk job and spend several hours a day sitting down using a computer. A few years ago I started to suffer with stiff muscles in my neck and shoulder. The discomfort got progressively worse and at times felt like burning pain. No matter what I tried I just couldn't relieve it and I even had to give up reading in the evenings as my shoulder was so painful I couldn't hold a book in front of me.

Then Marie introduced me to the Power Heart. She explained how the powerful magnet can ease muscle pain as well as having so many other health benefits. I decided to give it a try and ordered one. I loved that I could wear it not only on my shoulder but anywhere I needed it and it was a really attractive accessory as well. I wore my Power Heart solidly for a week and the results were amazing. My shoulder was so much better and my muscle stiffness had gone for the first time in years. I was so impressed that I bought my mum a Power Heart and it's really helped ease her arthritis.


Marie introduced me to her Magnetix jewellery, which I liked the look of and there was a good selection to choose from. I thought I would give it a try as l have arthritis in my little finger, and it can be very painfully at times.I first chose a ring, matching bracelet and a pair of earrings. Since wearing these items the pain has ceased. I also have stiffness in the neck and I get tension across my shoulders so l recently purchased a power heart to attach to the back of my collar, and a necklace. l have noticed neck and shoulders are a lot easier to move. I will be buying more Magnetix jewellery.